§cott 96Çobra
§cott 96Çobra

Welcome to my Çobra page ......... My Motto is "COMMITTED TO EXCELLENCE". I've had fun building my car to "Show & Go"!!!!!

Below the list of mods are several pages that link to each aspect of my car. I've set it up this way so the pictures load faster!!!! Just click your "Back" button to come back to this page.

To order Mustang GT or Cobra Raised Polished Bumper Letters, just follow the link at the bottom.



MODIFICATIONS: "Speed & Handling" Mods!

*-Sean Hyland Long Tube Ceramic Headers
*-Sean Hyland High Flow Cat H-Pipe
*-Borla XR1 Exhaust
*-410 Gears
*-ASP Pulleys
*-C&L 80mm MAF
*-Sean Hyland Performance Dyno Chip
*-Eibach Lowering Springs
*-TR-6 Copper Plugs
*-Home Made Ram-Air
*-K&N Air Filter
*-Synthetics Throughout
*-Nology Wires - "Hot Wires"
*-Tokico 5 Way Adjustable Illuminas
*-Global West Lower Control Arms
*-Global West Offset Rack Bushings
*-Global West Subframe Connectors
*-Maximum Motorsports CC Plates

MODIFICATIONS: "Looks and Other" Mods!

*-Leather Cobra Racing Seats
*-Polished Cobra R Rims
*-Polished Fuel Cell
*-Polished Intake
*-Polished Valve Covers
*-Billet Aluminum Ig. Wire Covers That Say "Teminator 32"
*-Cobra Race Pedals
*-SVO Cross Drilled Rotors
*-Cobra Floor Mats
*-Clear Corner Markers
*-Power Sun-Roof
*-Cobra Door Sills
*-Sean Hyland Speedo Gear Box Compensator
*-B&M Ripper Shifter
*-Polished Raised COBRA Letters for Rear Bumper (my own design)

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